90 Days to Release

Beyond the Map’s Boundary, Book 1, A timely Sort of Adventure, is due to be released in 90 – 100 days.  I put a few finishing touches on the proof today and we should be good to go!

Signed with Tate Publishing

I’ve been on a quiet movement of the book for over three years now.  Out of the blue, Tate Publishing offered me a contract that will provide an opportunity for me to be fully published by a good group of people.  I ‘m very excited and look forward to working with my publisher and bringing the first book, “Beyond the Map’s Boundary” into the public eye more fully.  The second book is already written and the third is on its way, so there will be an adventure ahead.

~ Nibi ~

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BookWisePublications Authors Blogging Party
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It’s a party…an author’s blogging party and I’m participating!

Parties are always fun, especially summer parties.

Beyond the Map’s Boundary, my first novel in the series, brings all of my crazy childhood time travel thoughts together to paint a fun, fast paced, ever twisting time travel novel for young adults. Go see what I mean by starting the serial novel online.   Click here to begin. 

The sequel, The Chronicles of Quant, brings to life the magical powers that I’ve always wanted to possess. It will be available in September.

Between July 17 and July 26th:

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Foreign Rights Request

We received three different requests for foreign rights for the first novel in the Beyond the Map’s Boundary series.  These came from a book fair in Balogna this spring and was offered by ForeWord Magazine and Reviews.

The requests came from Turkey, Brazil and Germany.

This adds a further credibility to the book and an exciting twist to all of us here at Thornock International.

Letters of Recommendation

I’m starting a section on ‘Letters of Recommendation’ from the principals and media specialists that so graciously send them to me following a presentation to their school.  I want to thank them for their extra effort in doing so and am pleased to share them with everyone around the world.

Go to the ‘Letters of Recommendation’ page by clicking here…

Presented at Canyon Elementary School

Wow!  What a terrific group of students!  Suzanne Lowry, the Media Specialist (who, by-the-way, had a fantastic costume on today) tried to prepare me for the possibility of a rambunctious group, due to the costumes and predominantly substitute teachers being present today.  She could see how excited the children were, but no one had the slightest idea that they would be so respectful, attentive and participatory.  They were FANTASTIC! Even the little pre-school children were well behaved and involved in the presentation.

Credit goes to the wonderful preparation Mrs. Lowry put forth and council she gave before the students arrived in the gym.  My warmest thanks goes out to you, Suzanne, along with the cute cowboy Principal (who seems to know how to do everything) and muscle-demo man and all of the excellent teachers there at Canyon Elementary.

Best wishes on your exciting Book Fair tonight.


Vae View Elementary Presentation

Vae View Elementary in Layton, Utah filled their lunchroom with some really terrific students to see me present.  Talk about fun kids!  They were so involved in the story they forgot to participate in the actions.  They had a lot of good questions and were very well behaved.  My compliments to the teachers and Principal Van Natter for teaching such good manners and helping the children get the most out of the assembly.

I had a lot of fun with you all!


Spring Creek Middle School

Last week I presented three times at Spring Creek Middle School.  What a wonderful group of young people and so well behaved. There were a lot of the students interested in becoming writers and boy were they sharp.

I had a couple of follow-up questions from students that I’d like to answer here.

1.  What is your favorite color?

I have many favorite colors and it’s been that way my entire life.  As an artist I appreciate the magnificence of each hue, but there are three that have always risen to the top.  They are blue, yellow and red.

2. Did you do the artwork for the cover of the book?

Yes, I did.  There were a few people who tweek it different ways, but in the end, I wished that I had stuck to my original design where Mattie, Trevor and the Interloper appeared on the map.  This is how the Audio Course is exhibited online and when we go to print again, you can bet they will be re-inserted on the cover of the book.

You can see the progressions of the book cover by clicking here…

Youth Focus Group

I’ve selected  ten, exceptionally fun, brilliant young bookworms to act as a critique forum for the new sequel.  We met together for our first meeting today and had an absolute blast!  These kids are more fun than a zip-line down Mt. Everest. Boy they are sharp. We reviewed eight chapters and plan from four to eight every Saturday morning until all 40 chapters are complete.

We have a California Trekker that comes into the group over Skype (which is always a problem program, but better than nothing).  We have another that may be Skyping in from Pittsburg.  The rest are from around here and are so smart!  My Calitrekker adds so much to the team and is so fun to have amongst us.  Every single one of them are exceptional and contribute freely.  I’m getting to love all of these kids and look forward to every session with them.

1st Draft of Sequel Completed

I completed the first draft of Book II in the series today.  I’m calling it “The Chronicles of Quant”.  I’m beginning a Youth Focus Group with some pretty intelligent kids ranging from 6th grade to college graduate.  They will be looking for words that don’t work, information that is confusing, misspelled words, wrong punctuations and overall flow of the chapters.  They will be particularly helpful in evaluating whether the story line holds their attention and with offering their young thinking to the mix.

It should be fun!