Nine Things About Nibi

  1. I was the only baby girl born in a hospital full of baby boys.  The doctor insisted I was going to be a boy, too, but my mother objected to that.  She already had a boy and it was time to have a girl.  The doctor was not entirely wrong, however;  I turned out to be quite a Tom Boy, much to my mother’s dismay.
  2. At the age of five I wanted to grow up to be a cowgirl.  My neighbor owned a pair of old cowboy boots that came clear up to my hips when I put them on.  I felt mighty big in those boots and knew it was the rodeo life for me.
  3. I was the only girl in the family, sandwiched between two brothers.  When I was 12, my parents brought home a little sister for me.  She was much prettier than I was and had a perfect built in tan.  We never fought;  I repeat, NEVER fought.  Life with my family was nothing but fun.  I’m serious!
  4. I used to play at Dad’s old desk in the garage for hours.  I’d pretend I was a business woman and stuffed little pieces of paper in all the nooks and crannies I could find.  I’ll bet Dad had a good laugh when he moved the desk back into the house.
  5. At 17 I was co-editor of the school newspaper.  My best friends were on that staff and we had a ball!  We went to BYU for a journalism conference and I won first place with the article I wrote using the information I gathered during the group interview with Vernon Law (the baseball player).  I didn’t ask him a single question.  It makes me laugh to this day.
  6. In college I went by several names since my teammates were such a bunch of cut-ups.  As a senior I was selected as the outstanding athlete of the year and my name is still up on the wall of fame a hundred years later.
  7. At the age of 38 I married into a family of five children ranging in age from eight to 18.  Within four years I went from being a newly wed, to a mother of five, the mother of the bride and finally, a grandmother.  I caught up with my brothers and sister, passing them all up in one fell swoop.
  8. To this day I hold the intercollegiate fast pitch women’s softball world’s batting title of .900 (That’s equivalent to 9 clean hits out of 10 attempts.  I would have had 100% if I hadn’t gotten cocky (a good lesson in life for me.)
  9. I’ve authored and co-authored several health and nutrition books and started writing novels at the age of 55.   Writing fiction is more fun than I can express in words.   The cowgirl will have to wait!