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  • December 2009 AllBooks Review 5 Star Book of the Month

Beyond the Map’s Boundary is somehow both charming and tense, and the world the characters inhabit is deep and complicated, perfect for realistic fantasy.  The action is riveting, and the plot will absolutely draw the reader in.  The level of detail demands that this story be re-read and appreciated for its nuances.”
– J. Blackmore – Allbooks Reviews

“Soto offers mystery, romance, science fiction, family reunions, and a hearty dose of humor. Readers will get the feeling that she’s having a lot of fun with her writing, and the result is true entertainment. Her characters are vibrant and well-defined and will appeal to a wide range of ages from young teenagers to adults who harbor a sense of adventure.”
Andi Diehn – ForeWord Reviews
“You have to read almost three pages before this book grabs you and takes you “on the run!”  This is fast paced, full of action, and will totally fascinate young adult readers.”
Jo Ann HakolaThe Book Faerie

“As a former teacher, principal and superintendent of schools, I want to encourage every reader, library, and school to enjoy Nibi Soto’s new book, “Beyond the Map’s Boundary.”  I can promise you an unforgettable journey beyond your imagination!  You will become part of an odyssey that will bend and roll your mind through untold adventure.  The audio version also provides an exciting interpretation of this extraordinary novel.  Mattie and Trevor come alive with unpredictable powers that will surprise and excite you.  I look forward to the next book being available and I’m sure you will, too.”
– S.R. Mecham – Former Superintendent, Weber Country School District

…teens and tweens will have a great time listening to the CD…girls in the 12-60-ish range especially identified with Mattie and liked the concept of “boosting” and “paralleling”. All of us wished we could do it!  We are looking forward to Mattie and Trevor’s next exciting adventures!  Go Nibi Soto!!!
W.  Goucha – Utah State Office of Education

“I loved the book.  Once I started to read it I was in my own little world and wanted to find out what happened next!  I told my teacher at school how much I had read and she was amazed.  I read 250 minutes in one day and just wanted to keep reading it, but I had to do my chores.  I loved how Kash and Trevor kept freaking each other out.  It is so funny!”
–    A. Hansen (Age 11)

“I loved this book.  I couldn’t put it down!  It is completely original and the plot makes you eager to read what’s going to happen next.  If there was a sequel to this book I would try to get it A.S.A.P.  It’s an amazing book!”
–    L. Skaggs (Age 13)

“I enjoy reading a lot and get excited when I discover a new author that inserts as many twists as I found from Nibi Soto.  “Beyond the Map’s Boundary” has been one of the most fun books I’ve ever read.  It was hard to put down.  I look forward to the next book and can hardly wait to see where the adventure will go and what magical powers are yet to be discovered by Mattie.”
–    M. Jones (Age 18)

“Beyond the Map’s Boundary is a captivating read that will absorb you from the first page.  It is full of suspense and excitement and keeps you guessing until the very end.  There are moments of laughter as well as touching poignant ones.  Nibi Soto has proven herself to be an author with excellent insight into the human spirit.  I can’t wait for the next installment!
–    K. Hammock (Age 35)

“Beyond the Map’s Boundary is a fantastical time-traveling adventure.  Once I opened the book, I was hooked.  The twists and turns kept me guessing and excited to read more.  I can’t wait for the next book to see “where in time” Nibi’s story will continue.”
–    E. Rasmussen (Age 38)

“Fun, fresh and endearing!  Once you start reading it’s like a race you’ve got to run and finish.”
–    S. Rammell (Age 45)

“Wow!!  What a page turner!  I could hardly put “Beyond the Map’s Boundary” down.  In the same spirit as “Harry Potter,” young and old will be avid fans of Nibi Soto’s creative masterpiece.”
–    C. L. Humpherys (Age 64)

“This novel piques the imagination.  It is a great and easy read. . . . .  a well written book for young and old alike.”
–    S.  Plouse (Age 69)


“At my age it’s hard to get me excited about reading anything!  However, as I was getting involved in listening to the audio book I could hardly wait to hear the next chapter.  It was both exciting and entertaining and kept me guessing.  I recommend “Beyond the Map’s Boundary” to readers of all ages.  I can hardly wait for book two to see what will happen next!”
– O. W. Thornock

“I love the audiobook!  I woke up the last two mornings thinking about Trekkers and Half-Parallels.  I have started listening to it for the second time around and am enjoying it even more than the first.”
– T. Leonhart – Bookmasters, Inc.

“The audio version also provides an exciting interpretation of this extraordinary novel.  Mattie and Trevor come alive with unpredictable powers that will surprise and excite you. ”
– S.R. Mecham

“The story was great, it moved quickly yet was very detailed. Once you start the story you don’t  want to quit. This was my first audio book. The music was outstanding . I may never read another book. Hopefully the sequel will be coming pretty soon!!!”
– F. Plouse