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Signed with Tate Publishing

I’ve been on a quiet movement of the book for over three years now.  Out of the blue, Tate Publishing offered me a contract that will provide an opportunity for me to be fully published by a good group of people.  I ‘m very excited and look forward to working with my publisher and bringing the first book, “Beyond the Map’s Boundary” into the public eye more fully.  The second book is already written and the third is on its way, so there will be an adventure ahead.

~ Nibi ~

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BookWisePublications Authors Blogging Party
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It’s a party…an author’s blogging party and I’m participating!

Parties are always fun, especially summer parties.

Beyond the Map’s Boundary, my first novel in the series, brings all of my crazy childhood time travel thoughts together to paint a fun, fast paced, ever twisting time travel novel for young adults. Go see what I mean by starting the serial novel online.   Click here to begin. 

The sequel, The Chronicles of Quant, brings to life the magical powers that I’ve always wanted to possess. It will be available in September.

Between July 17 and July 26th:

You can get your FREE ebook of Beyond the Map’s Boundary by clicking here…

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