Presented at Canyon Elementary School

Wow!  What a terrific group of students!  Suzanne Lowry, the Media Specialist (who, by-the-way, had a fantastic costume on today) tried to prepare me for the possibility of a rambunctious group, due to the costumes and predominantly substitute teachers being present today.  She could see how excited the children were, but no one had the slightest idea that they would be so respectful, attentive and participatory.  They were FANTASTIC! Even the little pre-school children were well behaved and involved in the presentation.

Credit goes to the wonderful preparation Mrs. Lowry put forth and council she gave before the students arrived in the gym.  My warmest thanks goes out to you, Suzanne, along with the cute cowboy Principal (who seems to know how to do everything) and muscle-demo man and all of the excellent teachers there at Canyon Elementary.

Best wishes on your exciting Book Fair tonight.


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