The Rules of the Divvy

From The Book of Ancestors

The Rules of the Divvy are clearly set,

If you break a rule you’ll pay the debt.
Mark these words and learn them well,
Or pay the price that time will tell…

  1. A Divvy is sacred, the duty divine; the Trekker must reverence the Creator of Time.
    To do so will strengthen them in every way; as they travel through history and live every day.
  2. Only one Trekker, both full and true, may move back through time on the bright prints of 
  3. The ancestral blue print will sweep them away, into a Divvy of another day.
  4. A yellow print glows in place of the blue, to bring the time traveler back to what’s new.
  5. Red prints forbidden, leave them alone; they burn off the skin and rot out the bone.
  6. Other print colors avoided must be, for they lead to a corridor that the Splitter can’t see.
    To access these colors the Trekker must hold, an artifact tracker made out of gold.
  7. Trekkers slip backwards, not foreword through time; their destiny set and their mission defined.
  8. The Trekker can only return from the past, if their Splitter is present and up to the task.
    By bloodline they’re destined or marriage they’re tied, it’s the strength of their love that they stand side-by-side.
  9. A deadline exists and will come in one day; if missed a great price the late Trekker will pay.
    In the 23rd hour the Trekker will know, that they need to adjust and get ready to go.
    An internal clock, a sensing inside, moves the Trekker towards the return prints that hide.
    The Epoch Chronometer announces with chime that in exactly two minutes they will run out of time.
  10. If a Trekker has need of an early return and there is not a summons the traveler has earned;
    by stepping within the small Circle of Site a footprint will come to offer them flight.
  11. One item required must return from the trip; a finger print sample or DNA clip.
    The Trekker must capture an item at last; a piece of the Stagma they served in the past.
    A Sentinel sets it apart to be stored in the Archive of Trekkers where treasures they hoard.
    This must be done within three days at most; if not, the live sample will give up its’ ghost.
    Details and history 
recorded by me; all automatic, for the Trekkers to see.
  12. The Splitter must stay very healthy and strong, or the Trekker is weakened and things may go wrong.
  13. If deceased is the Splitter while in venue their mate, the Trekker forever remains in that 
state.  Their powers will cease and their insights erase; they will end in that past and they cannot be traced.
  14. Inheritors share their great secret but thrice, first with their spouse, then two  Stagma’s for life.
    Choose these Reliant’s with wisdom and care, for they must both be loyal, honest and fair.
    Reliants may come on a Divvy or two, but the third time they’re trapped, no return can they do.
  15. Reliants must have lived 18 full years; they can choose but one power to lessen their fears.
    The Shield of  Shadows or Clairvoyant Detail, are the choices they have when dark forces assail.
  16. To Divvy, Reliants must some contact make, with the Trekker directly for the Divvy to take.
  17. To return from the Divvy the Reliant’s must act, as Trekker and Splitter  to bring each other back.
  18. Rules still unwritten, and many there be; all can be known by questioning me.

 ~ Quant ~