Spring Creek Middle School

Last week I presented three times at Spring Creek Middle School.  What a wonderful group of young people and so well behaved. There were a lot of the students interested in becoming writers and boy were they sharp.

I had a couple of follow-up questions from students that I’d like to answer here.

1.  What is your favorite color?

I have many favorite colors and it’s been that way my entire life.  As an artist I appreciate the magnificence of each hue, but there are three that have always risen to the top.  They are blue, yellow and red.

2. Did you do the artwork for the cover of the book?

Yes, I did.  There were a few people who tweek it different ways, but in the end, I wished that I had stuck to my original design where Mattie, Trevor and the Interloper appeared on the map.  This is how the Audio Course is exhibited online and when we go to print again, you can bet they will be re-inserted on the cover of the book.

You can see the progressions of the book cover by clicking here…

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