The Cover Saga

Chris Humpherys worked tirelessly to come up with the perfect cover for Beyond the Map’s Boundary.  It took quite a while, a lot of thinking and she took it through quite an evolution.  Here is the saga of the cover:

First Draft:
This was a thinking layout.
Quick and dirty!

Second Draft:
Basic play.
Nothing serious.

Third Draft:
First result of background
exploration. Whispy; dreamy!

Fourth Draft:
Finding the elements of the map
itself and organizing them.
Fifth Draft:
Playing with lettering and developing
the first round of characters.

Sixth Draft:
Further background exploration.
Deeper colors.

Seventh Draft:
Distributors wanted a different
lettering style.  TM Design input.

Eighth Draft:
Darker background preferred.
Still uncomfortable with lettering.

Ninth Draft:
Distributors wanted bolder lettering
style.  Too Harliquin Romancy.

Final Cover:
Clear, bold, fresh look.  Bright, yet
rich background and fun map that
tells the whole story!