Beyond the Map’s Boundary

Interesting Tidbits

I actually started writing Beyond the Map’s Boundary after I selected the name.  It sounded adventurous and exciting and I proceeded to write the book until it fit the title.  The sub-title was thought up on a whim and inserted near the end, just before publication.

The story I started laying out in my mind bears little resemblance to the story it is today…but the means of traveling through time is the one constant.  For over 20 years I daydreamed about the “What if’s” of time travel and how wonderful it would be to be able to travel back to places my ancestors had been a part of.  I love history and old things.  My imagination makes them new again.

This book was meant to be a short preface, to help readers catch up to the new world and verbiage I had developed.  It turned into a book of its own and the plot I had originally envisioned cannot be written for another 4 or 5 books.

The novel wrote itself in a way and went through a single draft before going to final print.  I would sit down to write when I had some free time and could hardly wait to see what came next.  It was like I was reading it myself for the first time, rather than writing it.  I walked and talked with my father each night as he walked the dog and that would spur on ideas on a regular basis.  When my husband started reading the manuscript, he came up with some fun things and helped me stay on track better.  Between their imaginations and mine, you have a book that is what it is today.

This novel is set up for many sequels and prequels that I can hardly wait to write.  Book two seems to be writing itself already and I hope to have it out by the fall of 2010.  Fun, fun, fun!

Benten, the fictional town in the book, is completely out of my imagination, though there is a Benton, California out in the dessert near the Nevada border.  It bears no resemblance of the town I’ve described in the novel.

The library is based on the charming, old library in Bar Harbor, Maine.  I fell in love with it when I was there.  It captured my imagination and is absolutely magnificent.

Seaport is also out of my imagination, though I spent a lot of time on Google Earth researching the coastline of California.  The northern area around Monterey Bay is the best setting in my mind and the second book will reflect that to some degree.