Youth Focus Group

I’ve selected  ten, exceptionally fun, brilliant young bookworms to act as a critique forum for the new sequel.  We met together for our first meeting today and had an absolute blast!  These kids are more fun than a zip-line down Mt. Everest. Boy they are sharp. We reviewed eight chapters and plan from four to eight every Saturday morning until all 40 chapters are complete.

We have a California Trekker that comes into the group over Skype (which is always a problem program, but better than nothing).  We have another that may be Skyping in from Pittsburg.  The rest are from around here and are so smart!  My Calitrekker adds so much to the team and is so fun to have amongst us.  Every single one of them are exceptional and contribute freely.  I’m getting to love all of these kids and look forward to every session with them.

Category: Nibi's Notes
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